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The Race we Would Like to Watch: Protect SMEs

This is the race that we would like to watch. The one between the Young 14 Aussie Champ James Gallagheur, sprinter today, and his 14 year old predecessor in year 1998, Usain Bolt. It strikes us a fair race. Where James would even be able to beat Usain, as he did.

A race of equals.

This one below is instead the race that we do not comprehend: the one between a 14 year old Champ and the Immense Usain of today, 28 years old, twice his age. An unfair race, where James would never win. Never.

And if James never wins, why would he want to still run? Always defeated by a 14 year older guy, he would quit, not show up anymore. Game over. For him. And for us, never enjoying any race anymore.

This is what happens in a country where you let SMEs run the public procurement race side by side with large firms. You kill them, by depriving them of their fair race.

Let the race start, protect SMEs today in public procurement, allot them their fair share of business with government, and the world will one day be full of many many many grown-up Usain Bolt, running the world with the beauty of their grown-up skills.

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