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Some more Information on Italy’s and Greece’s Derivatives in the Euro Area

The light. The curtain is slowly being raised. A PBS Video provides now more information compared to what yet known on the use of derivatives by Europan governments.

So now we know. That Eurostat and Europe knew all along about the various derivatives transactions done to enter into the euro area by several members.

So now tell me why Greece and its people should be kicked out of the euro area because of the mistakes of some Greek politicians backed by European politicians.

And tell me why the European Central Bank has yet to revel the content of the Greek transaction with Goldman Sachs, refusing to accommodate the request of Bloomberg news on the details of the transaction.

The video. Watch it all. If you are interested only on European Governments and Derivatives Misuse, the minutes are the ones from minute 29 to minute 44.

European citizens need to know. This Europe of darkness is not the Europe we want and have voted for.

Ask the European Central Bank to release information available on derivative transactions done by Greek government with Goldman Sachs.

Ask the Italian Government to release data on all its derivatve transactions done in these past 20 years.

Watch Money, Power and Wall Street: Part Four on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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